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Aquaphor to the Rescue

Aquaphor has been around for a while, but I personally was not introduced to it until about a year ago.

A physician of mine suggested it for my partner’s dry skin. I picked up a pot and he started using it and had great results. Since that time I have often used it on my lips, hands, feet and sometimes burns and scrapes. Recently a good friend lamented about years of battling dry and cracked feet. She said she was exhausted trying to find a solution for her foot issues. Immediately Aquaphor came to mind and I shared my experience with her.

My friend, let’s just call her Donna, left my house and headed straight to the local market to pick up a tube of the magic elixir to try on her feet. She reported back to me a few days later and was in awe of the transformation so far. After using the Aquaphor for three straight days only at night time with plastic foot covers covered by socks, her feet were well on the way to recovery. She did note that she opted to wear socks and sneakers during this process during the day to give her feet a rest from her usual sandals. A week later, her feet were almost 100% crack and pain free. She mentioned that her feet have not looked or felt this great in 30 years, since she was in her 20’s. WOW! That is a lot of years spent in pain from dry and cracked feet. She is now a believer in Aquaphor and thinks I am a Foot Yoda (big pat on back).

To wrap this up I would have to recommend anyone with dry skin, burns or cuts to try Aquaphor. You do have to be committed to the healing process and future care of your area of concern. It is not a fix it once and forget about it scenario. My friend wishes she had taken before and after photos as it was such a huge change in a matter of days.

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