Delicious Grimaldi’s Pizzeria – Thank You Brooklyn!

Double-sauce + double-cheese + double-pepperoni!

I am serious about my pizza and Grimaldi’s Pizzeria is my favorite! Less than 2 miles from Manhattan Beach and 3.5 miles from LAX, Grimaldi’s Pizzeria is an institution for pizza lovers far and wide. I drive a good 45 – 50 minutes from the OC just to have it sometimes. I don’t venture much from my standard double-sauce + double-cheese + double-pepperoni pizza, but I did try the buffalo chicken (a seasonal special) while in Destin, Florida and it was AMAZING! I have recruited several of my friends into being Grimaldi’s fans as well.

I had my first experience with Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn, NY several years ago. I have always been a lover of coal-fired pizza and Grimaldi’s has it down to a science. When I found out they were opening one here in my neck of the woods I couldn’t wait to try it out. Of course it was fantastic. On one visit I got friendly with the manager and he told me about the history and the special plumbing they had installed to make the water at the LA location similar to the water in NY for when they are making dough. That is paying close attention to detail and providing a product that is comparable to the original. All so fascinating. Their signature brick oven is in the center of the restaurant and has a big influence on the taste of the crust. Twice a day they stop making pizza and stoke the fire. They clean the brick oven, rebuild the fire and get ready for the next round of pizzas.

If you are in the area or have a flight going out of LAX, plan a trip to Grimaldi’s and see for yourself. However, don’t forget, Stoking Social Hour is 3:30-6PM. The oven will be down a good majority of that time. So show up a little early and get your pizza order in! Maybe I will see you there! Oh, and paired with a bottle of Educated Guess will put the icing on your experience.

Grimaldi’s Coal Brick Oven Pizzeria Menu

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