BBQ Salmon with Mango Salsa

FLOrista Mango Salsa

I have an alter-ego and her name is FLOrista.

I own a few condos in Destin and Panama City Beach, FL and when I visit my alter-ego takes over. She is laid back, colorful, loves to shop and is a lot of fun! Ha ha, I am always a lot of fun! FLOrista loves to entertain and one of her favorite recipes to share with friends is a Fresh Mango Salsa that has a little bite. The tangy lime flavor, spicy pepper with sweet mango tantalizes your taste buds and gives you a little endorphin rush that is oh so good! It is super easy to make and can be paired with so many dishes.

Yields: Approximately 3-4 cups of salsa.


Mince, dice or rough chop the following:

3 ripe mangos
1 medium red bell pepper
1 medium orange/yellow bell pepper (you could also use sweet mini peppers)
¼  cup red onion (more if you love onion)
¼ cup packed fresh cilantro leaves
1-2 peppers – jalapeño (mild to hot), serrano (hot), habanero (hotter), seeded and minced (you can rough chop the pepper if you like bigger bites of heat)
1-2 limes, juiced and a bit of lime zest (about ¼ cup lime juice)
⅛ to ¼ teaspoon Himalayan salt, to taste (regular salt will work, but we prefer the Himalayan)


In a serving bowl, combine the minced/diced/rough chopped ripe mango, red and orange/yellow bell pepper, red onion, fresh cilantro and peppers of your choice. Add the fresh lime juice and mix well. Season to taste with salt. For the best flavor, let the salsa rest for a while in the fridge to marry the flavors. Serve with fish, chicken, beef, tacos, guacamole, as a salad dressing (one of our favorite options), with chips (of course) and honestly, with a spoon. This salsa is sooooo good there will not be any left for tomorrow. Take it to your next potluck or family gathering. Make sure to print out little recipe cards. You will get asked for the recipe!

Tip: At home in CA if I am short on time I stop in and grab fresh prepared Mango Salsa from Mother’s Market. It is the bomb!


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