Truffle Season In Tuscany

T is for Trista and T is for Truffle!

When in Tuscany you must try the truffles. I had the opportunity on my most recent trip to Tuscany to try a variety of truffles. Tuscany is a region with high truffle production.

While on this visit I got a truffle education. There were four truffles that piqued my interest.

The White Truffle, Black Truffle, Marzuolo Truffle and Scorzone Truffle.

White Truffles
The White Truffle is picked in Autumn, primarily in the San Miniato Hills, the Siena area and the woods of Val Tiberina, Mugello and Casentino. White truffles can be found along river banks, valleys and hilly areas. Truffle sizes range from the size of a small pea to an orange. White truffles emit an aroma similar to fermented cheese.

Black Truffles
Black Truffles are least common in Tuscany. They need cold and dry weather to reach their peak. In comparison to other truffles, the black truffle has a much more delicate flavor.

Marzuolo Truffles
Marzuolo Truffles tend to surface in the same areas of the White Truffle. Harvesting is generally January to April. They embody a very strong scent similar to garlic.

Scorzone Truffles
Scorzone Truffles have wrinkled, goldish flesh with light colored streaks. They have a delicate smell similar to mushrooms.

TIP: The best way to enjoy truffles is to shave them on top of a hot dish. Use it like a garnish.


If you are into Truffles, then you will definitely want to plan your vacation with information from the websites below.

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